• What is the production time for your Loupes?

    All Loupes orders are custom made and completed within 1-4 weeks depending on magnification, Rx add-ons and other factors.

  • What is Surgimag’s warranty on loupes and headlights?

    Visit our Warranty page for additional information or contact Customer Service .

  • How long do loupe and headlight repairs take?

    Repair times depend on the type of repair needed. Please contact the place of purchase or your local dealer.

  • Do you have a buy back program?

    At this point in time we are unable to buy back any used medical device.

  • Can I order accessories online?

    Not yet, accessories and products are available for purchase through our distributor. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact Customer Service +80-0505-365-505 or by email at support@surgimag.co.kr